Powerball焊枪 ,一个革命性的MIG焊枪设计,可提高焊接表现性

PowerBall 性能优异的机器人焊枪&易耗品 PowerBall High Performance Robotic Necks & Consumables

•   已申请专利的PowerBall 设计使焊接路径导电性最大化,冷却最优化 

Patent pending energy saving PowerBall® design provides maximum conductivity with superior cooling

•   可更换的焊枪弯管 

Interchangeable goosenecks

•   延长易耗品使用寿命 

Longer consumable life

•   圆型导电嘴&降低回路里的热集中从而减少飞溅及回烧 

Rounded tip & reduced heat prevents spatter build-up and burn-backs

•   适用于重工焊接应用 

Built tough to handle heavy duty welding applications

•   特殊的螺纹设计提高轴向力&更好的导电性能 

Buttress threads provide high axial force & better electrical contact

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优异的焊枪易耗品 High Performance Torch Consumables

•   导电性能最优可提供持续性,高质量的焊接 

Maximum conductivity creates a longer lasting, high performance tip with additional energy saving benefits

•   使气体分散&冷却的分流器可使冷却性能最优,防止气体紊流 

Gas distribution & cooling chamber in the PowerBall® diffuser provides optimum cooling and prevents gas flow turbulence

•   特制的螺纹设计提高扭力 

Buttress threads provide high torque with more contact surface

•   减少起弧失败和停工时间 

Reduces arc start failures and downtime

•   圆头设计的导电嘴可有效预防飞溅和回烧 

Fully rounded PowerBall® tips help prevent spatter build-up and burn backs 

•   通用于各种类型的焊枪 

Available for all major domestic and imported torches

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E-Power 焊枪导丝管 E-Power Torch Liners

•   椭圆扁平型设计及特制的包覆层可降低送丝阻力,避免刮伤焊丝 

Patent pending elliptical liners with proprietary coating greatly reduce friction & wire shaving

•   高的使用寿命-是标准焊枪导丝管的2倍 

High durability / long life - up to 2X the life of standard torch liners

•    (1524mm)长的包覆层可使气体损失最小化 

Extended outer jacket (1524mm) minimizes gas loss

•   不同焊丝直径对应不同颜色的热缩包覆层 

Color coded heat shrink based on wire size:

     •   白色:0.8-1.2mm   White: 0.8-1.2mm

     •   红色:1.2-1.6mm   Red: 1.2-1.6mm

     •   蓝色:2.0mm   Blue: 2.0mm

     •   黑色:2.4mm   Black: 2.4mm

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